Advertising Methodology And Blundering

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Published on: July 21, 2012

If there’s one thing I know for sure regarding the online advertising world is that it is probably one of the simplest ways to bleed money ever created. If you want to throw advertising revanue at the wall to determine what sticks, the internet has become the worst place you could test it. That is not to say that online ads fail to work at all, however I would say that well over 70% of the advertising systems around are total junk if not complete scams.  Sadly, there’s individuals who understand the game and wait like vulchers  to benefit from the newbies who have not learned the tough lessons yet. I understand this because I was once a newbie and lost advertising cash and sank like a stone. There are numerous free advertising sites which are good including Easyhits4u,  Listjoe, and EmailHog however for each one of those there’s a hundred that are a horrible total waste of time.

If you would like to get in the best websites,  you can find them  all around my website called which is all about free advertising and lists all the best free advertising sites that I have used throughout the years.

I learned to back off from programs I hadn’t researched. In time I found out that it just takes a few minutes to work with Google and perform a search for this system or advertising site that you’re thinking about using.  I also do something known as a “whois lookup” (just Google that phrase to locate a site to get this done free of charge) to find out who runs the domain name and just how old that website is. You can easily see the date the domain was purchased. This could be helpful when the ad says “join now we just opened “. In the event the website was purchased a couple of years ago and they’re still saying “just launched” then its probably not the best MLM program to sign up for.

You may also do a more complicated search by entering the domain name, then the words “scam” and “forum”. In the event that search describes hundreds of forum posts from unhappy customers, then you already know to put away your dollars. This is why if you do your homework for 10 minutes it will save you untold amounts of money.

So perhaps you are contemplating buying some advertising and you have a good site in your mind which has a good reputation on the web. Should you try it? Sure but execute a small test using the cheapest package they offer to see if you get enough sales to pay the cost. This will bring you much needed momentum although you may only break even. If short-term payout is the thing you need, this can work. However, that very same money could possibly be better spent in an extended term, google search strategy if you possibly could have patience.

Internet search engine readers are 10 times more responsive than hits from any advertising systems. This truth is known and undeniable. However there is a learning curve with it, and it needs time to work to complete. In addition there are sharks awaiting you within this niche, so take care and again, Google anyone’s name or url before you purchase anything online (I just cant state that too many times). Who could you trust to influence you in the right direction in terms of building google search traffic for your business? I want to save a few years of frustration here… you’ll need to learn about someone named Brad Callen. For countless years he’s been right on the money when it comes to information on search engine marketing. If Brad says something works to help you get  better ranking on the internet, then it’s going to work. Simply he is renowned for quickly learning what preforms well and what does not after each Google update or system change.

And 2012 isn’t an exception. His latest work SeoLinkVine assists you to give Google exactly the links it is currently looking for so your site will rank for virtually any keyword you choose. And should you not agree he will refund your entire purchase. Brad didn’t get this far by being a crook. Over time I now trust Brad Callens advice and I never have been disappointed. There isn’t any better advice I can give you than to go get Brads newest system   SeoLinkVine and to pay close attention to Brad accross the board in regards to search engines and link-building.

Thank you for reading and best of luck in all that  you do!

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